Mid-Century Modern Mailbox Search

Mailbox the big shrinkmailbox
With the renovation of our mid-century modern house almost complete, it was time to search for the ‘perfect’ mailbox.

I spent hours searching the Internet for modern mailboxes.  There were not many options, with none made in the USA!

My favorite was Box Design’s Urban Letterbox.  They are the distributor for Vanilla Design Ltd in New Zealand.  The photo on the right is my neighbor’s mailbox. The Metro mailbox is $310, flag $17, 4 numbers $56, and post $130. Total cost $513.

I also liked the TomTom Letter Box, available from DesignByThem, an Australian company.  The cost is $330 AUD for the mailbox and $120 AUD for the post.  Spira’s Helix Design has a contemporary style post mounted mailbox ($279).  Moda Industria offers a nice wall-mounted mailbox ($259).

So, what did I end up with?  I decided to ‘play-off’ the aluminum on the windows and NanaWall.  I bought a $20 aluminum mailbox in the all-to-familiar tunnel shape.  Designed in 1915 by US Postal Engineer Roy Joroleman.  I bought a 3”x3” piece of aluminum for the post for $49.

The final mailbox and post is a bit underwhelming.  While it is similar to most of the mailboxes in the neighborhood, it is a distraction to the design of the home.

After one of the Architects and his wife toured the home during the Remodelers Home Tour, he confided in me.  As they departed, his wife had said, “the mailbox does not work with the overall design.”  She was right.

That is why I have this blog now.  Our home design needs me to achieve one more thing, create a mid-century modern inspired mailbox!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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