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Back in March we received an email with pics from a customer that used a wall mounted modbox inside their home.  Another customer sent an email yesterday and they’re using two inside!  We figured other folks might enjoy seeing how creative modbox customers have been putting a pop of color and fun INSIDE their homes!

First up, the Jones Family from Palo Alto.  They installed an orange & silver wall mounted modbox inside their apartment and “…use it as a little storage box for gloves, keys, outgoing mail…”  I’m loving the pops of color with the modbox, Eames Hang-It-All, Nelson Ball Clock, Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (LCW), and ultra groovy wall sconce!   The modbox’s silver housing and letter tray also play off the sleek modern light switch plate and door hardware.


Lori and Mike live in the new mid-century modern community of Starlight Village where clean lines and minimalism is part of the design. Here is what Lori said in her email:

We have found a use for the modbox which we have found very beneficial and our neighbors are now incorporating the idea as well.  Finding a location where we can put our personal items, such as cell phone, keys, sunglasses when we walk in the door without cluttering our home has been a constant challenge.  We saw the modbox and my husband said, “Let’s install them in the kitchen and a guest bedroom and use them to put our keys, sunglasses and other items in when we walk in the door.”


Lori: “Being able to design your own color and style makes the modbox inside your home a very attractive, practical and fun way to stay clutter free and stylish. ” We agree Lori!

Get one to reduce clutter from inside your home now!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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