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17 Curbside Variants

We brought powder coating in-house back in September 2018. Click here to read the story. By November we launched our new Address Plaque & Numbers!  We then focused on re-building our raw metal inventory and finished inventory.

Now, we get to have some fun by introducing a new color (pink!) and two new curbside two-tone options!

We have seventeen curbside color variants ready to ship!

Satin Blue [crop]


Prior fabricators did not have success masking and powder coating a two-tone satin blue or satin green curbside modbox. With some persistence and modifications to the process, we achieved  these two wonderful color combinations!  Here is a photo of a vintage 1960s Leigh Building Products mailbox along with the new satin blue two-tone modbox.  We even painted the handle the same color as the top half, just like the Leigh. Very cool!

Why stop there?  With a nod to the 2019 Pantone color of the year Living Coral, we decided to do a pink mailbox!  We adorned the two-tone curbside with a pink handle and white flag too!

This series of photos shows Erik powder coating the new vintage pink two-tone with my nephew Mitch unveiling the results.  After powder coating each modbox we perform a visual inspection and test mil thickness too.

Pink Production

Don’t forget, we have a wall mounted modbox and address plaque in all these wonderful colors!  The following photo collage shows the product array and how you can select different colors for the wall mounted door and housing. Go pink!

Pink Products

Order one now!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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