modbox |wall mounted color handles!

Not sure why it took us so long to figure this out after bringing powder coating in-house in September 2018, but you can now choose from twelve color handles for your wall mounted modbox!  With twelve housing, door, handle, and letter tray colors, that’s over 20,000 unique combinations!  For our first pic, it seemed natural to select colors from the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s geometric elements work.


Here are the color handles ready to go on your custom wall mounted modbox!


We’ve also started building a new modbox website that will enable you to visualize any/all the combinations.  We should have it done in a couple weeks.  Until then, here are a few examples. If you’d like to see a color combination, just send us an email and we’ll reply with the image(s).

Rendering x 3

Get one now!

NEW COLOR! We ordered a new powder color today too! It’s classic blue, Pantone’s color of the year for 2020.  The new color option will be available next week.

Pantone - Classic Blue

Modbox USA, Inc.

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