Atomic Ranch – retro mailbox market seems to be wide open

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Atomic Ranch!


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In the modern wisdom section, the Atomic Ranch editor answers questions.  In the Fall 2013 issue, a reader asked, “Do you know of a good source of ’50s period mailboxes? Something similar to the above…”  The reader also said: “After scouring the Internet, we found nothing—no vintage mailboxes for sale and no reproductions to be found anywhere.”

Vista Curbside.  The reader stated: “The closest I found in a new mailbox that looks kind of, sort of vintage and would complement the atomic aesthetic is the Vista…”

In reply, the editor provided the above photo (cool mailbox!) and stated that the owner found them on ebay.  The owner, Scott Oglevie said: “One thing about these mailboxes is that they don’t look good mounted on a brick post or wrought iron pole. The slant post really sets it off, so I had to make that, too.”

In conclusion, the editor stated: “…the retro market seems to be wide open.  Any other leads, guys?”

That was my aha moment!

That’s why I’m creating a retro mid-century modern inspired mailbox.

Not only does my mid-century home demand it of me, but also the mid-century enthusiast community will hopefully benefit!  No more spending hours on the Internet and/or ebay over a 6-8 month period to find the perfect mailbox!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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