Mid-Century Modern Renovation

mid-century house Prior to Renovationmid-century house After Renovation
Our 1954 ranch house started off in step with the times and in context with the modest neighborhood.  A modernist house sited to take advantage of the natural slope of the wooded lot; it was 1,260 feet of space designed for 1950s lifestyles. When we bought the house in 2011, it was out of step in some respects: lacking a modern kitchen and baths, compartmentalized, and an energy waster by today’s standards.

To remedy this, we commissioned Richard Hall Designs.  Our requirements: retain the existing footprint (we did!), keep the house in scale with the original neighborhood, and amplify the modern elements.  Original Space executed the renovation and helped with the details.

By extending the roof line and reconfiguring the living space the collaboration created a highly livable home that we enjoy every day.  On the Eastern exposure, the line of the roof creates a twelve-foot facade with a clearstory and nineteen-foot glass opening that extends the living space into the courtyard. Thanks NanaWall!

The renovation was completed in March 2012; modern interpretation of Atomic Ranch.

Now, moving on to the creation of a mid-century modern mailbox!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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