modbox wall mounted design | Kickstarter soon!

At the end of this week, or early next week, we’ll launch our KickStarter for the wall mounted modbox! Brady Lawrence shot the video footage early last week and I hope to have a first cut soon.  The new design seems to be photogenic!

Hi-Tech Fabrication, Inc. completed the prototype fabrication run last Monday.  So, we’ll have actual video footage of the wall mounted modbox.  THANK YOU Hi-Tech team!

Here are a few photos of the new modbox.  We’ll have lots more, along with the design story, on the KickStarter page.  The lime green is a new color!  On the back row, we have three satin finish colors followed by the anodized aluminum effect.  The new satin colors are bone white, aged copper (light green), and light blue.  Very exciting!

modbox_wall mounted_colors

The wall mounted modbox was designed so that any housing color (shell) can be used with any letter box (door) color.  With twelve colors, if the KickStarter is successful, there will be 144 choices.  Crazy!!  The lighting is a bit poor on these photos.  I’m building a display stand so I can take some photos outside in better natural light.  We’ll have some great shots of installed wall mounted modboxs in the video too.

modbox_four photos

When the letter box (door) is open, you can see the laser cut modbox logo!

So, when will the KickStarter launch? Best case scenario, this Friday.  More likely next Monday or Tuesday.  I’ll update with a blog post and send a newsletter update 24 hours before the launch!!

Modbox USA, Inc.

One thought on “modbox wall mounted design | Kickstarter soon!

  1. This is probably a response to a very old post but…………OMG, please!!! I have this beautiful piece of art (the wall mounted) and I am PISSED that I can only have one! I mean I could have a box for my junk mail, a box for my magazines, a box for my weekly grocery ads. Oh wait…I could line up 6 of these beauties and just have a “guess what box your mail is in” game with my post man. YES, thats it. Now, mission…what colors! 🙂

    Gorgeous! Thank you!

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