modbox product photo shoot!

With the second fabrication run complete and all of the modbox color options fully stocked, it was time to get professional product photos taken!  Here are a couple examples.

modbox product photos

Check out the modbox website for more!  If you go to the website, you’ll also notice we’ve received some awesome photos of installed modboxs in front of our customer’s awesome homes.  Thanks to everyone that has sent in a photo!  The modbox Pinterest board has even more photos.  We’ll be putting them on Instagram too.

Back in December 2013, I contacted Visual Integrity Studios, a local company serving North Carolina, to get information on the cost of product photos.  My financial background taught me to identify and document all known costs related to starting modbox USA. Well, it’s one year later, and I was finally ready to move from 3D CAD renderings to REAL PHOTOS!  Here is a photo of the photographer, Jamie Starling, taking photos.  Thanks Jamie!

modbox product photo shoot

I decided to have a ‘stand’ fabricated that would allow us to get the photo shoot done quicker.  I figured we could put each color option on the stand for the exact same photo. The Raleigh Wrought Iron Company’s building is next door to the modbox’s rented warehouse space, so I walked next door and asked Dragos about fabricating a stand.  We quickly designed a stand and Dragos fabricated a prototype in a couple days.  It worked greatmodbox display stand! Thanks Dragos!

I’ll be able to use the final stand design in retail store settings later this year.  Here is a photo of the modbox and post on the merchandise display stand (the post was cut down to the amount showing above the ground).

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2015!

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