Eichler Accent Colors

When I first saw these colors, they screamed mid-century modern mailbox to me!

I’ve found other mid-mod color palettes, but none seam to speak to me like these.  Besides, it seems to ‘fit’ that a mid-mod mailbox would showcase Eichler’s mid-century accent colors.


Originally, I found the colors on Retro Renovation’s Pinterest page, but they have been pinned by a lot of folks!  Back in 2009, the Retro Renovation blog posted the colors after connecting with the folks at The Eichler Network.

You can read the full “Hues That Say You” article by clicking the title.

From the Eichler Network website | About: Since 1993, the Eichler Network has been dedicated to supporting the lifestyle of the thousands of homeowners in Northern and Southern California who own an ‘Eichler’ home.  Eichlers are architect-designed mid-century modern homes built by merchant builder Joe Eichler between 1949 and 1974.  In recent years, the Eichler Network expanded the scope of its homeowner base to include thousands of additional mid-century homeowners in Sacramento and southern California who live in Streng Bros., Palmer & Krisel, Cliff May, and other Eichler-like mid-century modern classics.

Click on Joe Eichler’s name and your can read more about Eichler

I’ve been able to match the colors to various suppliers of powder coating.  I’ve been very impressed with IFS Coatings. Here is a link to the RAL Color Chart.  RAL is a color matching system used in Europe.

Modbox USA, Inc.

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