Mid-Century Modern Mailbox | ebay very good condition (vgc)

Even though I bought one back in early October, I continued to search ebay for mid-century modern designed mailboxes.  On October 31, 2013 a ‘Very Good Condition’ mid-century modern mailbox sold for $255 plus $18.96 shipping.

The mailbox had some scratches and scrapes.  The seller did not think it had ever been used.  The original instruction sheet was included.  Per the posted photos, the back of the mailbox was stamped with a “9 72” just below the manufacture’s name, leading me to believe it was made in 1972.  Makes sense.

modern mailbox-leigh building products-1970

At the time, I decided to stay out of the bidding, to see where the price would go without my involvement.  Kind of wish I had bought it now!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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