modbox | Moves to 1940s Gulf Gas Station

After our Kickstarter in 2014, modbox rented 750 square-feet from my Brother-In-Law Bo Taylor (Bo Taylor’s Custom Woodworking).  We were fortunate, as Bo allowed us to use his fork lift and a small area for a set of pallet racks.  We “borrowed” Bo’s box truck too!

In the Spring of 2016, modbox was starting to outgrow the space, so we started searching for warehouse space just outside of the down-town area of Raleigh, NC.  We’d been searching for about four months when Carter Worthy [Carter Worthy Commercial, Inc.] took us to a 1940s gas station.  The Gulf gas station was updated in the ’50s to conform to the new modern Gulf image.  It was love at first sight!  While it was not a warehouse, it would work for our needs.  We closed on the property in November 2016.  The current tenant moved out in mid-2017, and modbox moved in shortly after.

Photo_Outside [crop]

The original front door is gone and some of the glass was replaced with boards, but that can be remedied. Fortunately, almost all of the original porcelain enamel metal panels are still in place!  The orange and blue Gulf colors are awesome!  In the bathroom we found the original tiles in the gulf color scheme buried under multiple layers of vinyl.

Reno_3 pics

The old customer lobby is where we package and ship.  We took that space back to a more organic state by removing the carpet (exposed concrete floors) and exposing the brick and plaster.

Photo_Inside [crop]

It just feels right to warehouse and ship retro mid-century modern mailboxes out of a cool 1950s Gulf gas station!  Here’s to preserving the mod ’50s and ’60s!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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