Rare Vintage Sears Mailbox on ebay

This is your opportunity to score a vintage mailboxes that inspired the modbox!  It’s in excellent condition too, amazing!  Typically after 50 years+ outside a vintage mailbox would require lots of effort/cost to restore, but obviously this one has spent some time inside.  The seller contacted me yesterday.  They were at a by-the-pound thrift shop in Maine and found it buried in a crate of mismatched mittens and paint-by-number sailboats. The ebay auction has 5 days left and the current bid was $53 when I started writing this post and just went to $103.  [Update: his awesome vintage mailbox sold for $232.] Please get the word out so we can find a loving home for this cool vintage mailbox!


Based on my Sears catalog research, it’s very likely that it is from the Sears Diamond Jubilee year of 1961 (or at least pre-1964).  Starting in 1964, Sears replaced the awesome flag cap with a slotted flag mechanism that lacked the style of the original design.  The two-tone color combination of a light blue top half and white bottom half was no longer available starting in 1964 either.  It’s so wonderful to see the original colors! Yes, very similar to the Leigh version.

Click here to read the original blog post about the vintage Sears mailbox.

Modbox USA, Inc.

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