modbox | Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum!

A Limited Edition color is offered with each modbox production run. The special powder coating was formulated to match the color and reflective properties of anodized aluminum! The effect accentuates the lines and geometry of the retro mid-century modern modbox. Only 35 of the Limited Edition modbox and post will be produced. Pre-order now, while they last! Estimated to ship the week of April 13th.

UPDATE (September 22, 2015): since this modbox Limited Edition color was the perfect match for so many modern and mid-century modern homes, we’ve decided to make it part of the standard product offering! We hope to have more in stock within the next two weeks.  Yay!!

modbox_Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum_blog post
Color Analysis

The image above is a modbox photo with the color applied using PhotoShop. When the Limited Edition version comes off the production line, I’ll update this blog post with a photo. Until then, the color analysis uses a Limited Edition modern post that was powder coated. I took a few photos with anodized aluminum items to show folks what the Limited Edition modbox finish will look like.

modbox_Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum_color analysisFor the photo on the left, I leaned a post that had been coated with the clear anodized aluminum effect powder against our home. The numbers to the left are natural satin aluminum (available at Weston). Next to the numbers is a piece of anodized aluminum with a powder coated sample plate to the far right. The modbox flag cap is anodized aluminum too. Nice match!!

The photo on the right is the post leaned up against our NanaWall with metal facing and the front door to the right. All three are natural anodized aluminum. You can barely make out the profile of the post!

The modbox’s Paprika flag provides an elegant touch of color!

I’m excited about the third production run’s Limited Edition modbox and hope you are too!!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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