Vintage modbox at Eichler Home

I’ve been getting the word out regarding the modbox – Retro Midcentury Modern Mailbox KickStarter campaign.  I posted the modbox on the Eichler OC group facebook page.  The general consensus appears to be that most Eichler homes have a slot on the wall for mail.  However, in some subdivisions (Fair Meadows), many houses have a three sided box attached to the wall above the doorbell.

Orange County EichlerI asked if anyone could send an image, and much to my surprise, Jeffrey Crussel replied: There are a few “post” boxes that you see here and there in the three neighborhoods, not that many, but this is still fun information.”  Jeffrey, I agree!

Then, Jeffrey posted a photo of his neghbor’s mailbox that “Has been at the house for years.” Yes, it looks to be a vintage Leigh Building Products mailbox.  A mailbox that inspired the modbox!  Very Cool!

Thanks Jeffrey!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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