Vintage Leigh Lamplighter Mailbox – ebay

Vintage-Leigh-Lamplighter-Mailbox-modboxI’m still searching for mid-century mailboxes on ebay.

You never know what you will find.

I found this New Old Stock (NOS) Leigh mailbox; colonial design.  Starting bid is $200!

What is really interesting though, is that the ornament assembly instructions have Solar Group printed in the right bottom corner!

So, I’m thinking, the mega-player in mailboxes, Gibralter Industries (Solar Group), acquired the retro-cool player Leigh Building Products.  I wonder if they still have any of the dies?

Modbox USA, Inc.


One thought on “Vintage Leigh Lamplighter Mailbox – ebay

  1. I have five of them.. The boxes are a little water damaged, but the mailboxes are like New. If interested they are seventy five dollars each. Don 217 414 5749

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