Sears Atomic Mailbox | retro renovation – little slice of 1960

modern mailbox-retro renovation-sears-1960As I searched for more mid-century modern mailboxes on ebay, I would sometimes search the web.  I can’t remember the exact search combination, but I was lucky and found retro renovation’s April 16, 2012, post titled: “Jim and Kathleen’s little slice of 1960” Knoxville home.

This awesome photo was included!

Per the post, here is what Jim had to say about the mailbox: Here is our Atomic Mailbox. 1950s Sear Roebuck Co.! It has a solid fuel booster and was part of the original Mercury program. 3-2-1 lift off! …A few months ago our mailbox got run over. So I started looking for a new stylish mailbox. Oh you can find stylish mailboxes but you are gonna pay an arm and a leg for them. And of course I can’t be satisfied with a run of the mill mailbox. (It’s like a sickness.) So I hunted down a cool 1950s era mailbox. It needed some love so I spent a couple weeks cleaning it up and painting it. I built the post and we found the numbers at the local big box store.

I sent Jim an Email asking about the mailbox, here are some details: found on ebay, was pretty rusty, disassembled and cleaned rust off with a white vinegar bath, quick coat of paint, and reassemble.

Jim was also kind enough to take additional pictures, include the measurements on the photos and sent them to me. Thanks Jim!

Jim also confirmed the maker’s mark as Sears on the back.

See my January 7, 2014 post for additional details related to the Sears mailbox.  Based on my research, I’m thinking this mailbox was produced some time between 1957 and 1964.  Very cool!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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