Mid-Century Modern Mailbox | 70s Catalogs

On September 18th, I purchased the catalogs and magazines referenced in the mailbox design patent filings (discussed in prior blog).  Yes, ebay is amazing!

I paid a premium for the Sears Fall & Winter 1975 catalog as it happened to have a famous photograph in the men’s section.  I still remember the uproar that it caused during a large family get-together back in 1975! I bought the catalog because it was referenced in a unique mailbox design patent assigned to Jackes-Evans Manufacturing Company (No. 851,540). Aside: the patented mailbox was not in the catalog. Oh well. modern mailbox Sears catalog

To my surprise, a mailbox similar to the mailbox design that is my inspiration was included in the Sears catalog! [mailbox 12]

Another interesting design patent (No. 850,662) referenced the 1974 Montgomery Ward Fall & Winter Catalog (mailbox 15).  Again, to my surprise the mailbox design that is my inspiration was shown too! [mailbox 10]modern mailbox Montgomery Ward

With these catalogs, I was able to trace the general design back to the mid-70s.

Getting closer to mid-century!

Modbox USA, Inc.

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